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i Learn delivers online practice tests for various competitive selective entry exams. The practice tests include Selective entry high School Exams Victoria, NSW Opportunity Class, NSW Selective School Exams, John Monash Selective school Exam Melbourne, SEAL, SELP (Select Entry Learning Program, High Achievers Programme, ACER, EDUTest, HAST, NAPLAN, Accelerated learning programme and other Scholarship exams of Private and Public schools throughout Australia. Our Online practice tests are focused for the competitive exams for the students from Grade 5 to Grade 10. All our practice tests are in Timed mode that create a feel of the real exams.

Exams for Selective Entry in Victoria are based on Verbal reasoning (Multiple-choice, 30 Minutes), Numerical reasoning (Multiple choice, 30 Minutes) Reading comprehension (Multiple choice, 30 Minutes) and Mathematics (Multiple choice, 30 Minutes). Detailed explanations of the answer after the test. Cue for persuasive and creative writing are also available in our website. (Writing task, 30 Minutes). All the tests are designed to be challenging for the children so that they get the real-time experience. It’s common for students to not finish the whole tests within the 30-minute time frame.

The Selective High School Placement Test for NSW consists of a 20 minute is based on reading (45 Questions), Mathematics (40 Questions), General ability (60 Questions) and creative/ persuasive writing stimulus are also added to this.

These Practice tests are designed to provide the best result for the exam. Make sure you do enough practice tests to help prepare for the selective entry entrance exams.

There are four selective entry high schools in Victoria are:

  • Melbourne High School (boys only) in South Yarra, Melbourne.
  • The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School (girls only) in Melbourne.
  • Nossal High School (boys and girls) in Berwick, Melbourne.
  • Suzanne Cory High School (boys and girls) in Werribee, Melbourne.

Online Practice Test

Online timed mode practice tests are focussing students from Grade 4 - Year 10. Other grades can also try the practice test for the preparation of competitive exams. No marks are taken off for incorrect answers in the multiple choice tests.

Students can select any year level they like for practice tests. They can also select the tests at a higher level to learn more.

Try our FREE Online timed mode practice tests with explanation of Answers to prepare for the scholarship and selective school exams. Our timed mode tests give you the a feel of real world test. You can redo the same Timed Score test as many times as you want to be perfect.

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  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematics

Why iLearn Education?

Each year students are on high competition in getting entry into their well wished selective entry schools namely Melbourne high school, The Mac.Robertson Girl's High School, Nossal High School, and Suzanne Cory High School by scoring high in the scholarship and entrance exam. The attention of pupil has been acquired these schools due to the best output score on every academic turn of VCE and NAPLAN exam results. Read more

Examination Bodies for Schools in Australia

There are three main representatives of examiners in covering most of the admission of students in Australian schools namely, Read more

What to Expect on Model Test Pack?

With our online test module prepared for each exam would train the students in achieving their maximum performance. Where student attention is fully received for the defined time session busy in performing calculations and thinking effectively on scoring good marks. Read more

Selective school practice test

Student understanding of specific knowledge is tested with some exam especially in terms of giving admission to respected schools with selective school exam just simply by multiple choice questions and some written expression on specific topics. An individual analysis is performed on a selective school test based on the result the school will be sending an invitation to the highly scored pupil for a specified seat on the selective group. Read more