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Examination Bodies for Schools in Australia:

There are three main representatives of examiners in covering most of the admission of students in Australian schools namely,

  • EduTest
  • Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER)
  • Academic Assessment Services

Some of the schools have their own system of examination in selecting students for each required grades. The syllabus or the portion are preannounced to the students whoever participating in the exam.

The best way to apply for the respective school's exams is directly approaching them with getting the instruction booklet for the application and registering your children for the exam with the admittance fees that allow the student to participate in the scholarship test within the specified closing date.

Each section to be specified in the exam, duration, and a number of questions represented are as follows:


This is the exam that followed in most of the schools in Victoria with comprising sections of:

Reading Comprehension - 50 Questions (30 Min)

Mathematics - 60 Questions (30 Min)

Creative Writing - An Essay (15 Min)

Persuasive Writing - An Essay (15 Min)

Numerical Reasoning - 50 Questions (30 Min)

Verbal Reasoning - 60 Questions (30 Min)


This exam is not defined to test the students learned knowledge on the academic section, it is to award the students with scholarship on the applied school.

Mathematics - Multiple Choices (40 Min)

Humanities - Comprehension an Interpretation - Multiple Choices (40 Min)

Two Written Expressions - Essays - (25 Min for each one)

Science - Multiple Choices - (Year 8 only)

Academic Assessment Services:

Includes with the selected schools on the scholarship test with including the following sections as:

Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning - Multiple Choices - (40 Min)

Abstract Reasoning and Problem Solving - Multiple Choices - (40 Min)

Reading Comprehension - Multiple Choices - (40 Min)

Written Expression - Essay - (25 Min)

John Monash Science School & University High School - Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences:

Each school has an altered version of the Edutest in testing the students in the following sections:

Mathematics - Multiple Choices - (30 Min)

Numerical Reasoning - Multiple Choices - (30 Min)

Scientific Reasoning - Multiple Choices - (30 Min)

Science Expression - Essay (15 Min)

Based on the level of admission and the school, each student is tested with their individual scholarship or entry tests.