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Online Practice Test

With our online test module prepared for each exam would train the students in achieving their maximum performance. Where student attention is fully received for the defined time session busy in performing calculations and thinking effectively on scoring good marks.

From the model examination, one's strengths and weaknesses are calculated on the specified sections and further effort can be put on those individual terms that can increase the overall chances of getting entry into the selective schools of Victoria, NSW and most of the different schools in Australia. We develop the techniques and way of solving problems with maximum brainstorm effects from students based on the foundations of what they learned in earlier grade levels.

Sections Covered:

Most of the online selective entry school's exams are claimed to be including the following sections namely:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning

And some of the other to specifically include is "Science" for joining in related course with multiple choice questions.

Benefits of undertaking selective school practice test:

  • At "I Learn Education" we are offering students the challenge that gets them ready for the school entrance exams and scholarship test at high complex standards.
  • Track the results of exams anytime, anywhere with a simple internet connection and the system helps to rectify the mistakes.
  • Get login details with a registered email address and by entering the personal details for the profile creation.
  • Free trial exams to get a glance at the selective test papers to get an idea of how the model exam question preparation would be presented.
  • Provided answers with a complete exploration of methods in executing it correctly after the result are published.
  • The exam covers portions of different selective entry high school practice tests.
  • The result is announced instantly that can be utilized by the parents in knowing how their children's are performing in the model exam.
  • Attend any level of model exams with no age restrictions for the tryout.
If you want to know more about selective school practice test then you can reach us by filling the inquiry form on contact us page.