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Each year students are on high competition in getting entry into their well wished selective entry schools namely Melbourne high school, The Mac.Robertson Girl's High School, Nossal High School, and Suzanne Cory High School by scoring high in the scholarship and entrance exam. The attention of pupil has been acquired these schools due to the best output score on every academic turn of VCE and NAPLAN exam results.

I Learn Education, Australia is been one of the highly reputed online practice tests which prepares the students with the model exam paper like answer all the questions with a given time constraint, covering the described syllabus, etc, would help them score high in the determined exam and get a chance for entry into interested schools.

Free Trial Exams :

Want to experience a free online scholarship practice tests then just sign-up with your details of personalized email id to receive login details to attend the demo. Exam sample papers would include sections like Mathematics, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension, English, Science Reasoning, etc, based on each of the exams. Selective school practice test would produce instant results that instruct the students with concept explanation on the wrong answers helps the correct way of approaching to the multiple choice questions.

Exam Instructions:

While taking the selective entry high school practice tests after the free signup and willing donation payment for the model examination the instructions on each module is explained clearly with exam instructions added to the onpage procedural steps. On login or facing any technical problems during the online practice tests, one can reach us on the support email-id in resolving the problem. On each module, time consumption is expressed in advance and what will happen on completing each section, whether checking or alternation of selected answers possible on finishing the last question, everything is undertaken by instructions before the beginning of the exam.

Selective Entry/Scholarship Model Exam:

A test syllabus that covers all the required portions in selective school practice tests for each school entry assessment exam. Students are termed with what to be expected in the main exam with the same type of preparation set, login, and multiple choice questions, submissions, etc, with the defined countdown timer. This online test will show the students how to pass selective school test with the following areas:

Mathematics: This tests the student basic Maths knowledge on a year level of education ahead with the conclusion of the result, concept-wise understanding is analyzed.

English: Ensures that the student level of understanding the question or the story, filling it with the correct answers on required questions, simply said to be the reading comprehension process.

Essay Writing: Final process in executing the exam will be testing the writing ability of a concept with the given topic in conveying an idea that includes several metrics like spelling, punctuation, story content, etc.

Verbal Reasoning: This section shows how a student is in action to effectively use the language for the reasoning purpose. Specification of the test includes meanings, vocabulary, individual words in a relationship, etc.

Numerical Reasoning: This is a test to play right with the numbers and choose correct options on multiple answers with reasoning on series, matrices and another form of logical thinking activity.

Science: Trying out with the knowledge of science to get enter into the science schools like John Monash science school, Victoria.

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On conducting the model online scholarship practice test, students are trained on with the type of questions, time management; improve self-confidence and scoring high on the entrance exams. Feel the live exam model with real login at just one-time registration to go through the feet of facing questions, an opportunity on the right time for students to the admission term. I Learn Education, have been helping students in recent years joining their choice of school with scoring good marks in the selective entry school exam like a SEAL, SELP, ACER, EDUTest including scholarship exam of some private and public schools in Australia.

Testing student knowledge in providing a chance to all the competing persons is required to pick the talents among open groups were the name given for it as scholarship test or entrance exam. Preparation for the test needs great effort in getting a seat in the much interested educational institution which includes practicing previous year exam sample papers on the covered syllabus.